Milkshake IPA

Named after the Burgess Falls near Macedonia TN

Named after the Burgess Falls near Macedonia TN


Short Story by: Kristen Shoates

Tom still had flashbacks from the war sometimes. The men in red. The musket fire. But today, he knew it was all worth it. He was proud to be an "American" (10 years later he still liked saying it), and he remembered why as he broke ground on his new business, happy he wouldn't have to send a tax across the ocean or get permission from any king.

The waterfall had taken him by surprise when he stumbled on it deep in the forest, the powerful current thundering overhead and churning into the earth of this new frontier. Power. Enough to propel a wheel, to grind the grist, to make flour he’d sell to the states back east. This was freedom — the dream he fought for.

Tasting Notes

Vanilla, Mango, Pink Guava, and a viscous fruited mouthfeel