Living Waters is a new brewery & coffee bar opening soon in East Nashville, Tennessee.


Living Waters Brewing focuses on creating unique small batch beer and coffee experiences. Our name represents the ever changing nature of flowing water, yeast, and the constant pursuit of perfection.

Our Location

1056 East Trinity Lane
Nashville, TN 37216

East Nashville on E. Trinity Ln near Gallatin Pike and Ellington Parkway next to the new Grimey’s location, Anaconda Vintage, and Rising Sun Crossfit.


Our Beers

Crafted into two categories; waterfalls and rivers. These are named according to when they can and should be enjoyed. A waterfall beer should be enjoyed soon after purchase to ensure the intended flavor is achieved. A river beer can be enjoyed now or cellared for an extended period.



Imperial Milk Stout • 9.5% ABV

Silky smooth pillowy mouthfeel that coats the tongue with flavors and aromatics of sweet chocolate, coffee, and stone fruit.


Russian Imperial Stout • 9% ABV

Warmth generated through high ABV and followed by dry mouthfeel that gives way to the coffee, chocolate, toffee, and balanced with a slight bitterness.


New England IPA • 7.1% ABV

Juicy orange and citrus character with subtle grassy undertones and low bitterness. Perfect for those who typically shy from IPAs.

Seven Sisters

American Pale Ale • 5.8% ABV

Melon and tropical fruit undertones with low bitterness. Fits nicely for those seeking lower alcohol levels, but desiring a refreshing fruity beverage.


Milkshake IPA • 6.7% ABV

Citrus, vanilla, and passion-fruit intermix to achieve a thick milkshake taste with full body and mouthfeel one would see in a cream-sickle.


West Coast IPA • 7.4% ABV

Dry mouthfeel with pine resin, grassy, fruity, dank flavors, and moderate bitterness evoking thoughts of hiking through pinewood forests.


Porter • 8.2% ABV

Slight smoke character giving way to dark chocolate, coffee, and stone fruit. Moderate mouthfeel intended for enjoyment during deep conversations.


Gose • 4.4% ABV

Lightly tart with hints of lemon or lemon zest. The salty sweet flavors and floral aromatics finish for a refreshing drink to end a hard day of work.


Our Coffee

With our coffee bar program at Living Waters we curate unique and welcoming coffee experiences. We diverge from the normal to create within our customers a new appreciation for coffee and the unending flavor potential that it has to offer.

By pairing a product of the highest quality with unique and genuine hospitality we offer a new way to experience and enjoy coffee.



At Living Waters we believe that espresso is an experience, and it is one that we are passionate and excited to share with you. Beauty, complexity, and nuance abounds with Espresso, yet at the same time it is an intense and vivid expression of coffee. These seemingly contradictory attributes of espresso create something exceptional when in balance. Great espresso excites us and we can’t wait to share it with you.


We believe in enjoying life with others over a cup of coffee, and we want to make sure that your coffee is as memorable as the conversation you have over it. Our desire is to share with you some of the most memorable cups of coffee out there. We curate and brew our selection of coffees in a way that reflects what makes that coffee unique.



Signature beverages are a fun creative way to explore the flavor potential in coffee. Our signature beverage design at Living Waters pairs coffee with complimentary flavors and aromatics to fully accentuate the beverage. We make sure every signature drink balances with the coffee in it and is represented well.

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