Imperial Milk Stout

Named after the Rubicon river near Ravenna Italy

Named after the Rubicon river near Ravenna Italy


Short Story by: Joanna Nelius

Caesar met with his troops by the bank of the Rubicon in the dead of night. As he stood at its banks, head bowed with indecision, he knew crossing the river meant declaring war against Pompey.

The law said that he had no legal authority to command an army, even a single legion, but he had enough of the corruption that seized the Roman Republic. The rich had taken control of the government and sunk his beloved country into chaos and dysfunction.

As he continued to gaze into his own watery reflection, an apparition of an extraordinary tall and beautiful man appeared. He snatched a trumpet from one of Caesar’s legionaries, rushed to the other side of the Rubicon, and sounded the charge of war. The apparition faded, but Caesar he had his answer. He turned to his legion, shouting ālea iacta est—the die has been cast—and they sailed to Rome.

Shouts and cries erupted from the locals as they clamored over their arrival. Caesar lead his legion to the senate with unwavering confidence and watched as Pompey and many of the senators fled the capital in fear.

Tasting Notes

Silky and pillowy mouthfeel that coats the tongue. Aromatics and flavor of sweet chocolate, coffee, and stone fruit with a slight roast character and a clean thick finish.