Seven Sisters

New England Pale Ale

Named after the Seven Sisters Waterfall near Geiranger, Norway

Named after the Seven Sisters Waterfall near Geiranger, Norway


Short Story by: Joanna Nelius

Hestmannen pursued the seven daughters of the Brønnøy King into the forest until just before dawn. When he came upon them in a clearing, he saw them dancing, their free-flowing hair, the soft fabric of their dresses lashing as wild as the flames in the fire they encircled with their erratic movements. They were celebrating their escape from Vågekallen, who tried to force each one of them to become his wife.

While he found them all beautiful, he was smitten the most by Lekamøya, the oldest of the seven sisters. His eyes locked with hers, and he swore she was beckoning him to come closer. But as he approached, the sisters became panicked and cried out in fear at the sight of Hestmannen.

Their cries alerted the Brønnøy King, who came to their rescue. But Hestmannen shot an arrow at the king in a attempt to scare him away. Unfortunately, his attempt failed—his arrow struck the Brønnøy King’s hat as he tossed it into the air to protect the seven sisters, right at the same moment the sun rose over the horizon and turned then into stone, for they were trolls who failed to hide before dawn.

Tasting Notes

Light, refreshing, and full of citrus and fruity flavors. Perfect drink to beat the heat.