Short Story by: Joanna Nelius

It was eight o’clock in the morning and James already had a large shipment of coal to ferry from one end of the Thames to the other. He would need to stop at several warehouses along the way and unload all the coal before noon, but he had little hope with all the congestion along the river.

As soon as he cast off from the dock, a couple wooden crates floated in front of his ferry. James didn’t have time to turn or stop, so he plowed right through them. Three men standing on the bow of another ferry filled with the same crates across the river shouted at him, making obscene gestures.

James shrugged and continued on his way, flashing a cheeky half-smile while holding a cigarette between his lips. He wasn’t to blame for their lost cargo, he said to himself as his thoughts shifted to a nice, frothy pint. Today was going to be one of those days.

Tasting Notes

Slight smoke character giving way to dark chocolate, coffee, and stone fruit. Moderate mouthfeel intended for cheeky conversations.